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Being in Community…

So, I just came back from the Mystic South Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I am exhausted. Between having chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep deprivation, and being an empath, I crashed hard today. I think I slept through the whole day. There were things I learned about myself at the conference.   I find that sessions built... Continue Reading →


Dreaming & Studies

So, I had a dream. The premise of this dream involved my husband and I being sent on a team task with two other people, specifically men with special needs assigned to us, to solve a riddle by going through this stone underground maze. We enter the maze and begin looking for the clues. Hubby... Continue Reading →

Time flies!

It's been a year... About a year ago, I decided that I would take the risk and write to the Coven of Leaves to be considered as a seeker. I remember sitting up, writing a letter about why I wanted to join and what led me on my journey. I hand wrote my letter on... Continue Reading →

Connecting with the Goddess and God

Meet Your Goddess          I approached this assignment by first finding a goddess meditation to practice with online. The evening I tried it I ended up meeting the goddess. My sacred place in my astral world is a girls’ camp I counseled at up in Fishkill, New York. The place has a small pond, with... Continue Reading →

The Egyptian Sistram

The Egyptian political unification occurred around 3100 B.C. It is believed that social organization developed and was passed down through the females of the group, due to nurturing as males left on hunting parties. In the Egyptian prehistoric period, the Badarian ( ca. 4500-4000 B.C.), women’s graves were larger than men’s graves. This suggest that... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox ~ High Holy Day

Due to scheduling changes and illness, I was unable to attend the Ravens hollow Proto-grove Ostara ritual. Instead I attended a local coven’s Ostara ritual and a friend and I conducted a solitary Ostara ritual. At the coven’s ritual, the god and goddess were illustrated by a married couple portraying the goddess luring the god... Continue Reading →

Piety ~ Nine Virtues ~ ADF DP

Piety: noun. – 1. The quality of being religious or reverent. 2. A belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence. Over the course of my studies in English through my undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees, I researched piety in Medieval Literature. My first focus was on Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The... Continue Reading →

The Druids by Stuart Piggott ~ Book Review for ADF

Piggot, Stuart. The Druids. New York: Thames & Hudson, 1968. Print. Stuart Piggott discusses the issues with current understandings of who the Druids were through the investigation of archaeological research and documentation, the writings on them by Greek and Roman philosophers, and how they were romanticized and reconstructed in the 17th Century. He splits his... Continue Reading →

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