Spring Equinox ~ High Holy Day

Due to scheduling changes and illness, I was unable to attend the Ravens hollow Proto-grove Ostara ritual. Instead I attended a local coven’s Ostara ritual and a friend and I conducted a solitary Ostara ritual. At the coven’s ritual, the god and goddess were illustrated by a married couple portraying the goddess luring the god into desiring her. The drama that entailed showed the god easily lured by the goddess, almost in his own chase of her. At times it seemed as if she once she caught him she needed him to back off, as he became obsessed by her. The enactment represented perfectly the relationship role of males and females. It showed the complex dynamics of the thrill of a chase and the thrill of attracting the thing you most desire, yet when you gain him/her the obsession factor become overbearing. In Ostara, the seeds we sow represent that divine egg with so much potential. We place our intensity and hope into the things we most desire, in hopes that we gain them. When we achieve what we desire, there are times in which we wish we had been more specific in our requests. Ostara is a lesson of planting the seeds you truly want to sow, desiring the exact thing you need instead of the things we lust after. Ostara is temperance and patience, since we have to wait until the new plantings emerge from the ground and emerge into their full glory into our hearts and lives.


FullSizeRender (1)

Ritual Plantings of the Year

After Ostara, I found the need and energy to plant and create my own little garden of herbs and happiness. I took my bunny statue, because we know how bunnies represent Ostara, and planted little ground cover plants around her. My yard is now filled with roses, herbs, dwarf evergreens, and Japanese cherry and maple trees. I adore my ritual Ostara planting, a need I have every year.



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