Piety ~ Nine Virtues ~ ADF DP

Piety: noun. – 1. The quality of being religious or reverent. 2. A belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence. Over the course of my studies in English through my undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees, I researched piety in Medieval Literature. My first focus was on Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The... Continue Reading →


The Druids by Stuart Piggott ~ Book Review for ADF

Piggot, Stuart. The Druids. New York: Thames & Hudson, 1968. Print. Stuart Piggott discusses the issues with current understandings of who the Druids were through the investigation of archaeological research and documentation, the writings on them by Greek and Roman philosophers, and how they were romanticized and reconstructed in the 17th Century. He splits his... Continue Reading →

Yule 2015 ~ High Day ~ ADF

Upon approaching Yule, I was told of an ADF Proto-Grove within my area that had been opened. Due to my excitement, I was invited to attend. I contacted the creator of the group and immediately began interacting with him. As Yule creeped closer I began wondering if they would need help int he ritual. Two... Continue Reading →

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